Lucy Townsend




Lucy Townsend is a figurative sculptor specializing in portraiture. After a degree in History of Art she embarked on a classical sculpture training in Florence, studying at two world renowned academies, initially Florence Academy of Art and was then awarded a scholarship to the Sacred Art School. She has also studied fine art in London and St Petersburg. 


Her work has been exhibited internationally and she is quickly gaining an elite clientele who appreciate the delicacy and feeling of her portraits and value this most traditional of arts. 


Through her sculpture Lucy aims to express the outer being of the sitter while also alluding to that inner essence, that spark of character and individuality which sets each of us apart. 


Lucy recently won the Gordon Hulson Memorial Award from the Royal Society of British Artists, 2016, and the Tiranti Prize for a young sculptor from the Chelsea Art Society, 2017, along with the recognition of 'Highly Commended' in 2018. She was also selected for the prestigious 2016 FACE exhibition with the Society of Portrait Sculptors. 



Sculpting a portrait.

"Every face is a story just waiting
to be told."